Sunday, August 5, 2012


A bit of an impromptu night away. Sometimes the best kind, I think.
No plans. No expectations. Just being together.

We went walking along the river. We skimmed rocks. We collected firewood. We played 'Uno'. And 'Guess Who'. We played at the playground. We watched the sun go down.

We spotted possums. Four, one with a baby. They were very bold, sniffing around our feet and peeking in our rubbish bag. We toasted marshmallows and sang songs. There were sparklers too!

 This morning we peeped out our door to see the sun rising. It was cold. Oh so cold but oh so beautiful. I hauled myself out of my warm sleeping bag to take a photograph.

A little later the rain set in. The kids and I sat in the car while the Mister did the last of the packing up.

What did you get up to this weekend?


nicole kane said...

what a fabulous looking weekend!
jayco pop-top memories are flooding back to me :D

Fiona said...

Ooh looks chilly! At first I thought you were in a tent, so was glad to see the van! Looks like a lovely cosy family weekend. We love playing games on the weekends too, some of our new thrifted ones are great! I baked for our church morning tea .... My husband played in a chamber concert so we went to that ... A bit of culture!

Kylie said...

I am the current Uno champion here! (just until the next "tournament" ha!)
Where were you Leah? It looks beautiful.
Love the pic of your kiddos at the bottom of the slide x

Catherine said...

Oh Lea it looks like a beautiful spot to go away together and have some family togetherness. Your early morning photo was worth it, the mist coming up off the water is really beautiful. This weekend there was lots of gardening and weeding but it was still fun when you look at a tidy garden:) x

Yvette Adams said...

Oh that looks like fun. Makes me feel a bit cold tho! Your photos are beautiful - especially the early morning ones.

karlyn Jackson said...

Looks like fun! big smiles on the kids faces.
I took the little two for some big scooter rides around Centennial park and a bit of gardening, the weather was in the early 20's a bit warmer than where you were by the looks. x

Little Gumnut said...

sounds like bliss!!

Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

We virtually had the same van except ours was the Franklin Sunwagaon. She was a little beauty with marvelous retro curtains too boot. We traveled from Tassie to Byron and back in here - it was a wonderful trip. Last year we upgraded - and I miss her but due to our Tassie weather she was not water tight enough for us....sigh but looking at your pictures my heart skips a little xxx