Friday, November 23, 2012

It's a dotty kind of day!

Miss 3 tried her hand at making some wrapping this week.

We used some sheets of pattern paper. I use this a lot when I am gift wrapping. I love a simple brown paper package and the pattern gives it just a little more interest I think.

This wrapping however needed a pop of colour as well because it's for a small person.
Lulu used these paints. They are $3.95 each at Riot Art and Craft.

I love them! They are ready to use, practically mess free and super easy to clean up. They are great for toddler hands too. And you can sing the dotty song while you are painting. You know the one...put a dot over here and a dot over there...

Lulu wanted to keep on dotting so we made a little artwork for her room as well.

Have a great weekend!


Zara said...

Such a simple sweet idea.
And pretty artwork too.

Allison said...

pattern paper!!...fab idea...I will probably steal this one ok!!...what a cute little art work.
Allison x