Saturday, November 24, 2012


I signed up for Christina's ornament swap and I've been meaning to post my Christmas deco.

My brief mentioned that vintage was good so going with the vintage theme I pulled out some vintage laces, some precious buttons gifted from The Mr's Nanna and some fabric from a thrifted pillow case. This deco just kind of evolved as I started stitching. I must say it turned out somewhat different to what I had in my head. Funny... Does that happen to you too?

It measures about 6x4 inches and although it's not very 'Christmasy' I am happy with the end result. 
Fingers crossed it will be much loved by it's recipient.

Are you participating in the ornament swap too?
Check out everyones makings over here. Wonderful!


Zara said...

Love how it's turned out. Dotti Angel inspired I think.
Yes I need to add some finishing touches to my ornaments yet, and like yours mine arent all that'christmasy' but I guess the beauty of that is they can be left on display all year through.

Megan said...

Oh, it turned out so cute! I'm sure your partner will love it. I'm still working on mine!

Naturally Carol said...

It is lovely...and quite Christmassy enough I think!

Lisa said...

just beautiful! i think it looks Very Modern vintage.Love it .
hugs xo
p.s ive made 2 for the swap they have just been posted to ?? ..i agree sometimes what i have in my head hardly ever turns out that way!

quilary said...

I think it is beautiful - I love the lace and the buttons and the fact all of it :0

Yvette Adams said...

Gorgeous Lea. She will love it.

Tania said...

This is so lovely and different to what I've seen around. Would be the showpiece of any tree I should think. Love it!

elflyn said...

I do LOVE it!
Thank you so very much I am so pleased and honoured to be the lucky recipient of this beautiful piece of handmade loveliness.
Love Jen xx

PS blog post and pics to come, chest infections and tummy bugs in the family have put me behind in my posting.

Michele @ The Hills Are Alive...... said...

super keen to do The Nursery. Hoping get another chance for a Brissy or Sunshine Coast one this year/ Signed up for but then couldnt attend last Oct so fingers crossed!