Friday, November 9, 2012


Recently I was lucky enough to receive a huge bundle of quilting scraps from Sarah.

Despite my own scrap bucket spilling over, I was more than happy to have some new prints and colours. Sewing has not been a high priority lately but I figured half the work was done with these lovely triangles.

It has some dark denim on the back and I very pleased to say I made three buttonholes on the back. hahha my very first buttonhole ;) I read those instructions with gusto and had a practise on some scrap and the rest is history. Yep! I am pretty pleased with myself.

Have you mastered any new skills lately?
Do you loathe reading instructions too? Ick!
Thanks again Sarah!


karlyn Jackson said...

Looks great Lea,
did I scare you off the zipper method?

Bungalowgirl said...

Well done with the buttonhole, i bodged up my first attempt but have just moved over to elastic instead. So nice to learn something new isn't it.? such a great feeling of satisfaction. mel x