Friday, December 7, 2012

Things I've learned lately

Sometimes...sometimes you just have to let it go.

Sometimes a good cry makes you feel a whole lot better.
So does a run.
And a chat with a best friend.
And even a good whine wine.

A bit of op shopping can be good therapy too;)
Especially when you find the glasses that match your carafe. $1.00 for the lot! Now I have six glasses and TWO carafes!

This linen teatowel  struck a chord with me.
I bumped into the Mr in Tathra one New Years Eve, many, many moons ago. The rest is history.

I also popped this old desk into the boot of my car. It fit like a glove so it was obviously meant to be.

Have you found any treasures lately?
What makes you feel better when things are a bit blah?
Hope your weekend is wonderful.


Bungalowgirl said...

I have that exact same carafe set and glasses and the kids love using for their little cups of milk. Hope things are on the improve at your end, I know I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the busyness this time of year, reminding myself to slow down and take deep breaths. mel x ps an op shop and some painting of wooden things yesterday helped immensely.

Kylie said...

I love your glasses and carafe, your little wooden desk, and a good whine (wine!), but most of all Lea, I love that you found a t.towel with special meaning for you and your husband. I have heaps of t.ts. as you know, but none of them have a sweet relevance to my life like your souviner of Tathra does x

Mardi said...

Oh a cry...a wine....a char with a friend wont fix it...then Op shopping always helps.
Lovely finds...and it was lovely popping in and catching up on your news.
Mard x

Yvette Adams said...


It was so wonderful to see you both this week.

I so love the desk!!!!!

Patsy said...

I could not agree more, op shopping is my too private therapy! Fossicking in a pile of tablecloths and finding something gorgeous is better than drugs.

karlyn Jackson said...

I love our chats and it it does make us feel a whole lot better, love the Tathra tea towel! it strikes a chord with me but for a whole different reason,,lol...arh the good old days! can't wait to see you! xxxps liking Ollies desk too x

Lea said...
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Anonymous said...

love that desk, my Master J has been requesting a 'crafting desk' for months, picked up a vintage wooden desk with a pristine laminate world map on top, shelves on the sides! So excited to see his face when he spies it under the Christmas tree! xx