Friday, December 28, 2012

This week

  • Our kids went to bed at midnight. Twice.
  • I gave the children raisin toast for dinner. Just the once;)
  • We had our friends over for 'Christmas drinks'.
  • I made our Christmas pudding.
  • I thrifted a piece of milkglass. Yippeeeee, rare as hens teeth around here.
  • My bff arrived in town for Christmas.
  • The postie delivered some happy mail.
  • I had a Boxing day nap.
  • There has been a lot of tv watching, wii playing, lego building, reading, playdough squishing, painting, swimming and chocolate eating.
  • A special Christmas with a new baby in our family-her first 'Santa photo' with great Pa.
  • We walked around our neighbourhood on Christmas eve to look at the lights.
  • We are living on left overs.

We had a wonderful Christmas! 
Did you?!


Megan said...

Sounds pretty perfect to me! I just got home from my last family Christmas do, phew. This one was a Christmas high tea, which was quite good! I had cheese on toast for dinner on Boxing Day, raisin toast would have gone down nicely if I had any in the house!

Megan said...

Woops, Merry Christmas to you as well!

Anonymous said...

We were very blessed, the children are spending much of their time doing the same as yours... lots of lego, tv in the mornings, new wii games. Blessings to you! xxx

Zara said...

Oh my and isnt that rare find of milk glass just lovely. I hope tghe new year brings with it more milk glass.

Bungalowgirl said...

Sounds like a perfect christmas to me. And that was even without the milkglass which is unusual and gorgeous. mel x

Kylie said...

Hi Lea, love your vintage decs (and their packaging), your beautiful tree, and that darling little babe with Father C - if that pic doesn't melt even the hardest heart I don't know what will. Glad you (finally) got your hands on some (lovely) milk glass too x

nicole said...

merry christmas!
looks like yours was a fabulous one :D

Abbey R said...

That Santa photo is adorable!!
And since I started reading your blog, I too have started collecting milk glass :) Agree that it is tricky to find!! xo

Catherine said...

We had raisin toast here too for dinner, maybe even a couple of times:) I haven't found any milk glass in ages, great to find some. x