Monday, January 21, 2013


 I could have chosen 1001 photos of my littlest love this week.
She is darling at the moment and loves the camera too.

My boy playing on the ipad. There was time to look up and smile though. 

I am particularly happy with this shot because my inside, low light shots are usually awful. 
This might be my best one yet.
My big girl not sparkling at the moment. A sure sign she is getting sick.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"


Yvette Adams said...

They are lovely photos. LOL at Lulu's face.

I hope Bella's not getting sick. :(

Christy said...

That is such a sweet picture of your littlest one! They are all great!

Zara said...

Beautiful kids.
Poor Bella. Hope she's feeling better.

Dre @ no frills mum said...

Three more gorgeous photos!
Your littlest is adorable with those long locks and cute hair clip. My little girl juuuust has enough hair to wear one at 2.5years of age, yay!!
Hoping your eldest is feeling better, nothing worse than sick kids!

Bungalowgirl said...

Hello again, sorry for the tardy response but school holidays just ate me up and spat me out a little worse for wear. Thankyou for your recent very thoughtful comments about the growing and blooming part. It is still a constant work in progress and I have to tend to it regularly to keep me positive and not overwhelmed. Definitely The happiness project was a catalyst for me, as was 365 gratefuls, perhaps even more so. It is easy to fall into the"why me's" or "this is so hard" or "no one has any idea what is really going on for us" but they really set me backwards. I have fallen into a wonderful supportive playgroup called "my time" which is for parents of children with a disability, and several mums have complicated kids just like mine. What a relief it is to be frank with people who know exactly what all the hard stuff is. I find it hard to make light conversation with other school mums sometimes, with all those trivial concerns, but you also need friends who don't have difficult burdens in order to stayed buoyed up. Exercise helps me to but i have lost my way a bit with that too. And sometimes just looking at other peoples lives and realising that gee other people have different worries helps me. And one of my favourite quotes "the greatest thing a person can do is make the most out of the stuff they have been given". I do not always like the stuff I have been given, it makes me cry, rage, wallow but by damned I will leave no stone unturned to do the best possible job with this boy of mine. Email me any time, we are definitely walking very different paths but we are both climbing everest, while most of the others are just walking down the footpath. mel x

Catherine said...

I hope that your big girl is feeling better now Lea, she looks a little sad, poor little thing. And your littlest is so so cute and your boy looks so happy, it's a gorgeous photo of him Lea. Wishing you a wonderful week. x