Monday, January 28, 2013

January Snippets

I have no idea what happened to January. I can hardly believe the holidays are nearing the end. Just one more morning of wearing jarmies until lunchtime, of cooking pancakes for breakfast, of drinking coffee and flicking through magazines, of moving through the day at our own pace without any pressure to do this or be there.

When I scrolled through my phone pics I did not see any evidence of tired and cranky children that stay up too late. I could not find any record of refusal to do cf treatments, nagging for time on the ipad or squabbling over the tv channels.  There was no proof of the 'hair incident' and the tears that followed. I did see a whole lot of happy though.

A whole lot of happy!

I saw beautiful blooms despite the 40+ days.
I saw the most magnificent rainbow. It was a full arch and filled the sky. So big, I could only photograph a snippet. I even woke the boy up to come outside and see it! I was reminded of a day out with my big girl, just the two of us. I saw our very first homegrown strawberry. The little love devoured it with such joy. It wasn't anything to write home about but she grew it with love and it tasted better for it. I saw a visit from one of my dearest friends. I saw fresh farm eggs, the very best kind. Feathers n all..straight from the chicken's bum! I saw a beautiful sunset and a fun night with favourite friends. I saw a little boy and his newfound love for chapter books. I saw baby cuddles and boardgames, outings to the park, the museum and the library. Homemade playdough and sewing. There was a lot of swimming and eating of ice blocks too.

Yes, a whole lot of happy!


Yvette Adams said...

Oh, gorgeous post. And I even made it in there. :) Happy last day of the holidays! We still have a week to go. But I wish school went back this week and we finished a week earlier at Christmas time!

Yvette Adams said...

What was "the hair incident??"

karlyn Jackson said...

I'm dying to hear about the hair incident??? good luck getting back into routine tomorrow, hope all is ok xx

Zara said...

Lovely photos. The eggs with extra chicken fluff show how real eggs look. I bet they tasted delicious.

Pink Ronnie said...

How wonderful to look back on the holidays and be reminded of so much joy! Love the photos of your smiling children. So precious.
Ronnie xo

Bungalowgirl said...

What a good idea to look back through the pics to block out the painful bits. and yes what is the story with the hair incident? mel x