Friday, January 11, 2013


We've had our very dear to us friends staying. Yvette and I first met when our babies were tiny. Our girls are tight and I love that they just pick up exactly where they left off despite not seeing other for months.
Same for the mamas.

The girls cooked tacos for dinner.
We had a few 40+ days so a lot of time was spent in the pool and quite a few ice blocks were consumed. There was op shopping, movie watching, eating, drinking, chatting. Hair was braided. Blythe dolls were dressed and I made a skirt. For me! Thank you Yvette for teaching how to read a pattern!
During their visit we spent a morning at my favourite cafe, Ajanta.
There are so many lovely details at Ajanta. Every visit is a joy.

 So what to do with all the pics I snap at Ajanta...more here.
I printed a few out and had a play with some paper scraps to make a few cards. It will be great to have some emergency cards on hand because usually I am throwing something together as I need it. Good to use up some paper scraps too. I'm a terrible hoader.

 Thank you Yvette for being you. Thank you for helping me to make a new skirt and for taking these treasured photos of my big girl and me.


Little Gumnut said...

ooooh I love those cards you made - completely gorgeous!!! How wonderful to catch up with friends like that!

Kylie said...

I love your cards too Lea (and your skirt - if that's it in pics? I get a headache every time I even look at a pattern!)
Gorgeous pics of you and your big girl.

Yvette Adams said...

Oh, thank you for a lovely post. :)

Clever you - I love your cards!!!!! And your beautiful skirt of course. Next time will be even easier!

Who's the pregnant girl in the top photo? I really needed to tighten that belt at least! I added to the length today but I need to make more adjustments tomorrow!

Bungalowgirl said...

Love your cards, they look fantastic. And you and your big girl are like twins! mel x