Sunday, May 12, 2013

A corner of my home

We built our home a few years ago and while we love the layout-so functional for our family, it lacks a bit of character. I've tried to inject a bit of history and warmth into it with things I love. Some of our vintage/retro treasures have been thrifted, some have been gifted and many are family treasures from days gone by-the very best kind, I think.

Today I'm linking in with the lovely ladies at Lucy Violet Vintage and Hung up on Retro. I'm giving a little show n tell of a thrifted cupboard in our living area. I first introduced this little piece way back here. My milkglass collection has certainly grown since then. And my less is more approach seems to have been thrown out the window.

 Most of the books belonged to my father-in-law when he was a boy. He assures me he wouldn't have read any of them. Some have been picked up at vintage markets and oppies. The Fowler jar become vase is one of many that I have collected. The milk glass beer mugs/coffee cups-whatever takes your fancy- were gifted to us on my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary. They were given to them as a wedding gift. The remaining milkglass has been collected at various swap meets and op shops.

And inside...the four coffee cups were thrifted through the week. They are fast becoming a new favourite!

And finally another favourite thing...this ironing board belonged to the Mr's grandmother. She is soon to be 100 years old! There's a long story about this for another time. I absolutely have nowhere to put this in our home but I love it so much! I keep shuffling it around and just haven't found it's spot yet. For now though, it is a great place to put the cushions at bedtime or hang clothes that I can squeeze another wear out of. My wearing the same jeans all week counteracts the three outfit changes my daughter makes most days!

Well off the make that bed!
Be sure to check out the other links...lots of lovely to look at.

PS Happy Mothers Day to the mama's.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

You have some wonderful pieces on your wall unit. I especially love the ribbed bowl.

Kylie said...

Thanks alot for joining in dear Lea (especially considering your busy day yesterday) There's so much to love at your place - as in the case with all of the other linkers, it's hard to know where to start because everything is so lovely. You already know I love your ironing board (now I know it used to belong to your husband's Grandmother I love it even more!). The bit about you wearing your jeans for a week made me smile. Same thing happen here. When I hang out the washing there is usually hardly anything of mine on the line! Knickers, bra and not much more! It all belongs to the girls and Anth (who is just as bad, if not worse when he's home!)
I love the orchid plonked ever so stylishly in the old Fowlers, and those coloured tea cups with the white handles, I love your Orla Kiely linen, the old books - everything!

Donna said...

Hi Lea! Thanks so much for joining in the link in! Your cupboard/cabinet is beautiful. I long to have one just like it one day. Your recently thrifted cups are wicked!! Brilliant pattern & colours. Right up my alley there. They would make a great sized coffee cup for my Aldi coffee machine (this is my true judgement of a cups worth). Plus I also love the tea cups and matching saucers to the right with the pretty pink roses. So lovely. Old books look great too contrasting to the white wares you have. Lovely pics. Thanks again for joining. : )

Zara said...

I too have a cupboard just like this on my wish list. Such a versatile piece with all those little nooks for displaying treasures. of course I love the milk glass which nicely contrasts with the timber.
As to the ironing board I dream of one day finding one. I've seen them used as hall tables, perfect as they're narrow.

Ria Bartel said...

Dear Lea,
your shelve looks so beautiful to me. I really became afraid that all the good shelves are shipped to australia ;-))
Only a little joke, you know. Your old Iron Bead is great but, i love the yellow lamp at your bed consoles ind the background. We use similar in black, but in yellow their are perfect.

Bungalowgirl said...

Love your milk glass Lea, you have some really unusual pieces I haven't stumbled across before. Mine are all packed up under the house, we finally are almost fully unpacked into this new house- well all the essentials, the milk glass and pyrex are staying packed until we get home. mel x

Sharon Souter said...

You have some lovely things - a lot of them very reminiscent of my childhood. Funnily enough what I like the most are the tea cups and saucers in different colours - I think they are gorgeous!

Linda said...

Love your retro sideboard! and those coffee cups are gorgeous!

Pippa said...

Love the ironing board! Leave it there, it looks great!
Beautiful milk glass too, they need to be grouped! :)

Rachelle said...

Love that side board and I love how youve styled it. What a gorgeous milk glass collection.

Yvette Adams said...

You still have the origami ball there! LOL.

I do like the ironing board at the end of your bed! I guess that's the beauty of something that doesn't have a permanent home. You can just move it around all the time for a bit of fun. :)

A little bit Country said...

You have so many gorgeous things in your home. Right down to the delicious Orla Kiely linen. x

Allison said...

great pics and great collections. I love the ironing board! x

freckleface said...

Your thrifted dresser with your wonderful collection of milkglass and books looks great. I don't think there's any lack of character in any of these pics! xx

Hannah McCawley said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my home tours over on my blog! I hope to have some more very soon. Your home is just lovely also! Turns out I have been following your blog for a while, I must always miss the updates though.

Not sure of your whereabouts, but from the snaps on your blog, your home seems to be just what I am looking for in homes in photograph! So if you would like, shoot me an email with some more pics at
if you are interested and live within a reasonable driving distance to Brisbane and we might be able to arrange something. :)


kit and nancy. said...

so much lovely in this post. staffordshire potteries always win my heart, these are real beauties.