Friday, May 17, 2013

Good things

1. Orchids
2. Preschool art
3. Homemade muesli bars generously drizzled with dark chocolate
4. Peony Wooden Postcard
5. Happy mail...thank you lovely lady. She was thrilled!
6. Autumn colour
7. Weekend reading

Hope your week has been filled with good things too!


Zara said...

What a lovely little gallery you have created with the wire lines.
Kylie is so very generous isn't she. always sending gifts.

ringo said...
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Bungalowgirl said...

Ah ,the preschool art is just the best isn't it? any chance you would share that mueslie bar recipe- it looks great and I have been looking for one. mel x

Beth said...

I love the art hanging line! Gorgeous photos!

Catherine said...

I do love preschool art and I really like the way you've displayed it. And that muesli bar with yummy chocolate looks delish. Have a wonderful week Lea. xx

Mardi said...

Beautiful snippets of your life Lea...makes me wish I could pop in for a cuppa and chat (and one of those delicious muesli bars)...Mardi xx