Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Snapshot

  • The boy went on an origami making rampage
  • Littlest love had her very first haircut, 2 inches off but you wouldn't know it!
  • Holiday reading
  • The bigs had their cross country
  • Finger nail painting and earring changing most days of the school holidays for Bella
  • Afternoon at a favourite cafe with favourite friends
  • A spot of gardening and enjoying the gorgeous Autumn sunshine
  • Our boys went on a four day camping trip. Real camping by the river. The kind where there is no running water. The kind where the amentities are a little walk in the bush! Toasting marshmallows. Chopping wood. Throwing sticks into the fire. Fishing. Father, son and Grandy.
  • Ten Pin Bowling with friends
  • Lots of playing at parks
  • Sick Kids
  • The Mr and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! We enjoyed a rare night sans children. Indian for dinner, drinks at a newly opened bar and a movie.
  • The boy made a mosaic pot at art class!
  • A new sewing skill was learned-make your very own piping! And a cushion made for a very dear friend who is FORTY!

Wow April was busy!


Kylie said...

Gorgeous vintage t.t. cushion Lea, perfect for the birthday girl. I bet she loved it.
(is that polka dot piping around the edges, or part of the t.t.?)

Yvette Adams said...

Yes I did love the cushion! Must be a typo tho - I can't be forty!

Beautiful photos. I'd love to see what Bella's wearing in the pic where she's reading.

karlyn Jackson said...

So love seeing the girls in my hand made clothes. What lovely Ajanta photos too. I must pot the kids mosaic pots, they look even better with something in them.

Bungalowgirl said...

Love your photos Lea, and congrats on the 17 year celebrations. And finally that cushion is absolutely fabulous, the spotty piping reallymakes it but the teatowel is so unique as well. That would have pride of place on my lounge, I'm a 73 girl too. mel x