Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Last year I blogged about my printers tray purchased at Heath's Old Wares.
A couple of months back, we went on a bit of an impromtu holiday and once again  I was able to convince the Mr to stop off at Bangalow. Once again, it did not disappoint. It is such a beautiful little town. It has a number of gorgeous shops and cafes. If you are in the Byron region it is totally worth a visit.

I thought I'd share a few photos that I snapped during the last visit at Heath's.

Choc a block full of vintagey goodness. Oh if those walls could talk.
So many unique pieces all with their own story.

It got me thinking about my own collections and their stories. Some pieces have been inherited by a family member, some gifted, some thrifted. Some picked up at the swap meet with prices sometimes haggled over.
Thinking about the thrill of the find, giving things a clean and a bit of tlc and marrying it up with new friends.
Next week I think I'll share some of my collections.

Are you a collector too?
What kind of stuff do you collect?
I'd love to see!


Bungalowgirl said...

Ooooh hoo! Yes please bring out the collections. I would share but mine are being wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed right now ( well except for this tiny bloggy break I am taking to restore my sanity). My collections seem to involve milk glass, pyrex, vintage sheets, buttons, corduroy and vintage colour. Cannot wait to see yours. Heaths looks amazing, never been but perhaps next time we head down that way. mel x

Max said...

that place looks amazing, i'd LOVE to go there! i collect kokeshi dolls, eiffel towers, celadon pottery and fitched baskets amongst other things
looking forwards to seeing your collections-also op-shop mama ( started a collections linky if you fancy sharing x

Lisa said...

I'm a bower bird, love collecting stuff. I'd like to visit Bangalow now! I checked my blog and found I even have a category collecting which shows a tiny snippet of my collecting habit. Liberty shirts, green depression glassware, Carltonware leaf dishes, miniature handmade bears, milk glass, pincushions, etc

Yvette Adams said...

Good ole Norco! They were our dairy supplier on the North Coast.

I LOVE all those tiny drawers. Do you think they're Singer drawers? As you know, I collect washi tape LOL.

Ria Bartel said...

You know, that you have a photographers eye, don´t you...