Thursday, January 2, 2014

One little word NOURISH

A new year, a fresh start, new intentions and one little word.

Last year I thought about this one little word a lot! I made some dolly steps and it sat quietly in the back of my mind. This year though, I am saying it out loud and I am going to live it more intentionally. I've been reflecting on what it means to nourish myself, my family, my relationships and I've been plotting and scheming and planning on making choices that nourish. It means many things to many people. To me it means to strengthen, build up. Sustain. Nurture, grow.

There have been times where I have just been treading water. I've been so consumed in taking care of others that I haven't taken care of myself. I've had a shift in my thinking over the last little while and I've discovered that by nurturing me, I am better able to nurture others. I know! I MUST have been under a rock all this time! So this year I will stop making deals with myself and putting restrictions on myself. It is time.

Have you chosen one little word as well?
I'd love you to share if you have!
Happy New Year!


Zara said...

Nourish sounds like the perfect word for 2014.
I hope the year ahead brings time to spend doing those little things just for you. x

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

Hey that's my word too. Great choice!

Bungalowgirl said...

Ha, great minds think alike, would you believe that was the word that had been rolling around in my mind too. I am looking at doing a big diet change for our family to help our boy as well as looking after myself a bit better now that both kidlets will be at school. I think it is so important for us mums with special kids to make that time to keep ourselves more than just afloat and I am after several years of neglect to get a lot fitter and healthier. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead Lea. mel x

Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

Oh please make the amish cinnamon loaf I linked to on my last post,it makes two loaves so your tin would be perfect.