Sunday, January 12, 2014

This week

Lately, there has been a lot of eating and drinking, laughing and talking and late, late nights. 
Not this week though.
This week the littlest love picked a basket of her home grown tomatoes.

This week I have been thinking of my one little word and have been taking time to nourish myself with breakfast. Sometimes, I begin my day with nothing more than a quick coffee and a breath of fresh air. Not this week though. I've been taking the time to make myself something good.

This week we had a break from screens. There were cubbies built, board games played and books read.

Multi tasking

This week has been slow moving..just the way I like it. I have been taking time to sit outside and sip my hot coffee instead of sculling a luke warm one. I've been reading books and snipping flowers.

This week has been full of ideas and scribbling down notes.

This week I pulled out my poor, neglected weaving.

This week the kiddos had fun trying out some new art supplies.
Paint your own tshirt anyone?

This week I went wandering and photo taking on my own...just for fun.


sascedar said...

Hello! a bit of solo photo taking sounds like a great idea, will try to factor some in myself I think! :)Sarah

Kylie said...

It made me smile to see that little slice of Brie on your plate Lea x

Yvette Adams said...

What a lovely week to have after the silly season. xo

Catherine said...

It sounds like a wonderful week, a calming week. I'm so glad you've been doing some things just for you. x

Just like Martha said...

Looks like a lovely week indeed! Thank you for for reminding us we just need to stop sometimes and enjoy the simple things xox

Zara said...

You have a successful little gardener on your hands. home grown tomatoes are the best, so sweet they are almost like lollies to eat. x

nicole said...

All of those things seem particularly nourishing!

Sheree said...

So lovely to be able to take some time to enjoy the little things. Hope you're all enjoying the holidays Lea! :)