Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifted and gifted

Over Christmas there have been a few bits and bobs of treasure given and received.
First up this gorgeous bakers was gifted to me by oldest and bestest friend. She bought it a while back and has been looking after it for me in her home; I spotted it at a recent visit and well..the rest is history.

At another recent visit, I knocked over my full glass of wine and broke one of her favourite glasses. Beautiful to drink out of (apparently, I didn't even get one sip!) Worse, it was a beautiful piece of thrifted milkglass and worse still, gifted by her sister the previous Christmas! As I headed off for a night out I was googling milkglass on ebay in the cab and willing that I find a replacement piece. No such luck unfortunatey. Said friend was cool about the whole incident but of course I felt terrible.

Only 1 week later, the thrifting gods smiled upon me as I was browsing in a little country oppy. I was in the little town of Ganmain as they had some Christmas Markets on. The local oppy was also open and after a quick browse I continued on through the markets. Just before leaving the markets, I decided to pop back in for some fowlers jars and this little cup. I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this little lone milkglass goblet on the shelf. Yesss! THE very same one! What is the chance?! Hard core thrifters may not be surprised and I know you can imagine how happy it made me! I've told my story to anyone who will listen and needless to say, it's owner happily received it as part of her Chrissy pressie-the best part in my opinion.

$2.00 fowler jar. Can never have enough of these especially one that's sporting a gold lid.

I'll leave you with a some snaps of our my littlest love. She was gifted this little vintage dress. It was picked up at the oppy's after Christmas sale for a buck or two. She would not let me take her picture unless I let her have the get the idea though. It's such a sweet little dress. I especially love the button up front and the red ties on the sleeves.

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Max said...

I love and would have snapped up them all. so chuffed for you about the milk glass, and isn't it absolutely beautiful.
you wee girl looks an absolute sweetheart. does she like to play the kazoo when your on the phone? claud likes to play her emergency whistle whenever i start talking to someone on the phone, then giggles and runs off. it's become a game!

Bungalowgirl said...

Well done on finding the replacement milk glass, and yes I totally get that concept of finding just that thing when you really need it, has happened to me often. Your girl is getting so big- mine is off to school this year. mel x

Zara said...

Perfect timing finding the replacement milk glass.
I often find something to add to collection after just thinking I haven't found a bit of... milk glass/Johnson of Australia/vintage sheet in a while.

Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

Oh please make the amish cinamin loaf I link to on my last post! It makes two loaves so your new(old) tin would be perfect!

katysclutter said...

Thrifty gods work their magic when it's most needed x Thanks for your lovely comment too :)