Thursday, January 30, 2014

I've caught the bug!

It seems I've caught the sewing bug and over the past few weeks I've been stitching and have happily cut into some of my vintage sheets.

I made a couple of wrap skirts for two beautiful women. Unknown to each other but both are kind, funny  and thoughtful. I loved sewing every stitch.  Making something is so much more enjoyable when it is for someone else, I think.

I also stitched a pillowcase dress for my littlest love. It was one of those things I have been meaning to make since forever.

My big girl liked it and so I turned another thrifted pillowcase on it's side and made her a little top. She prefers converse boots and cut off jeans to mama made clothes but this one was a winner so I am pleased.

And last but not least, I salvaged this piece from my wip's box. I tried to make a skirt a long time ago but I cut the band all wrong and it didn't fit so it was tossed aside for another day. I attached the skirt to a singlet that I picked up at Cotton On so I guess I cheated a bit with this one but at least it's out of the wips box and in my cupboard. I feel like a big dork in these photos too but I am okay with that. Actually, I am hoping the thrifted macrame belt steals your attention away from the big dork!

Right then! I am off to make a cuppa and breathe. This silly post took me SO long. First I lost all my words and then I lost some of the pictures. And I almost lost my nerve!


Zara said...

You certainly don't look like a dork. You are lovely Lea.
I've not sewn for a couple of weeks now, the hot weather hasn't helped my motivation to sew either. I need to get back into it.

Kylie said...

Not dorky at all - just 100% gorgeous x

karlyn Jackson said...

Your are a dork! but I still love you. Love your dress and looks fantastic with the belt. Looks like you even have a fan blowing your hair in that third

Yvette Adams said...

You don't look like a big dork at all. Although I did take note that I can't make the photos bigger by clicking on them - I think you did that on purpose. ;) The skirt/dress looks gorgeous! Clever you!