Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catching up

Now that school is well and truly back, things have been busy around here. Our litlest love has started preschool and the bigs have been full on with school, activities, sport and friends. As they are growing, I am finding they want (and probably need) to experience more of life outside the family. I am not a fan of cramming kids lives with activities but I guess the wanting to socialise, to be a bit more independent, to experience new things is all part of growing up. Throw a couple of birthdays into the mix and our days have been full. Oh holidays I miss you already.

So I'm playing catch up today and am posting my photographs for The 52 Project.


The big girl at her swimming carnival. This kid is awesome. She will have a go at anything. 
She swam all her races, made it into the relay team and had a go at the medley-she didn't last the distance but she is such a tryer. She did however, pick up a third place in her 50m backstroke.

First day at preschool. Happily waved me goodbye. 
A few tired tears later in the day but had a great day overall and keeps asking to go back. 

The boy and his birdnest.


This is what 4 looks like. Happy birthday cheeky girl!

Painted Princess

Twisting the swing so it unwinds for a crazy spin. I loved doing that as a kid.

 Joining Jodi and others in The 52 Project.


Yvette Adams said...

I loved the twisty swing too. Now it just makes me feel sick LOL. Lovely photos. It's such a great project hey.

Bungalowgirl said...

I was late with pics too, sometimes life just gets in the way of a good blog post! My girl started kindy too, we are having some bad separation anxiety which only started now in week 3 so has taken me by surprise. Hope your girl is settling well. mel x