Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Treasure Hunting

A little bit of show and tell is long overdue, I think.

I stumbled across this cross stitch the other day. I was immediately drawn to the colours.
The lovely handwriting on the back clinched the deal though. The numbers don't quite add up but I love Alred's work. A steal at $1.00

More teal paint. I love it and I'll keep using it teal the cows come home. I know.

Handmade cushion cover(new) with new cushion insert included. At $4.00 it was the perfect addition to the boys bed.

A sweet selection of doilies at true op shop prices...20c each!

This darling little number was thrifted and gifted to Lulu by her godmother.
Frilly bottoms, tiny floral, lace..the perfect jarmies.

And finally, some linens. Hard to pass them up. They are becoming trickier to find. A bold animal print curtain.. it's a lovely drill type fabric. And two pastel blue sheets.

Have you been thrifting lately?
I am certainly choosier these days in my bid to declutter our home. I still love to wander the isles though.


Max said...

i like the virtuous feeling i get when i resist things in op-shops, but i couldnt possibly give up 'just looking'! love the pillow in particular-great fabric and colours x

A Christy Production said...

I have been avoiding the op shops lately because I have far too many craft supplies and goodies. I feel so selfish sometimes looking at how much I have so I have been making a huge effort to use what I have. But reading your post gives me itchy feet to go op shopping tomorrow!!

rachel @ idlepines said...

What lovely finds Lea! Yes I'm trying to be less 'grab everything that's cheap & gorgeous' when I go opshopping! And recently I've been opshopping at home & discovering forgotten buys...

Yvette Adams said...

I love the tapestry and the doilies!

Kelly Ingram said...

I can't get enough teal either! I love the new cushion you made, and lucky you to find some doilies at proper op-shop prices - it seems to be becoming a rare thing now (the price, not the doilies ;-)). I recently picked up the most gorgeous pair of red shoes for Alannah for $3 from our local op shop - that's probably been my best find in a while xx

Bungalowgirl said...

I have that exact same animal print curtain, mine is a little faded though. gorgeous tapestry too, it is the colours that suck me in every time as well and it looks great with the teal. And you are not alone in the selective op shopping, hence the lack of posts on goodies over at Betsy's, have a few small things to share soon. mel x

karlyn Jackson said...

I'm loving Ollies new cushion. I haven't been op shopping much lately, need to get back to it now school it back.