Friday, February 22, 2013


A little bit of floral sheeting has made it's way into the stash over the past week and a bit.
I am constantly amazed how these make it into the washing machine and onto the line so quickly. Meanwhile the work clothes, towels and school uniforms are all over the laundry floor patiently waiting their turn.

They were all found in the country oppies between $1-$3 each.
And a little close up of the prints from my instagram feed.

Have a happy weekend!


Zara said...

I havent found any pretty floral linens in our new town yet. They must be quick sellers or no one is sending them to the oppies.
Your finds are so pretty. So bright and crisp.

Kylie said...

It's funny how whenever you buy linens from the oppy the first thing you want to do is rush home and pop them in the wash and get them on the line...even though your laundry basket is already overflowing (with boring stuff) it can wait!

And on my skirt, you and your lovely friend Yvette are part of the reason I bit the bullet and gave sewing a go Lea. Thank you, and please thank Yvette for me - she has the no-repy setting on, I really appreciate her (and yours!) kind encouragement x

Patsy said...

Oh yes, I've done that many a time. What a fantastic little booty you have come home with today. Life does not get much better!

Bungalowgirl said...

Gorgeous combination of colours and yep at my place the wet towels lie all over the floor while the vintage sheets flap gloriously on the line! mel x

naughty shorts! said...

Are you kidding? What an amazing score. I love seeing other peoples stash, for some reason it excites me more than looking at my own. Just beautiful x

Catherine said...

Wow what beautiful linens you found. I would definitely want to wash these first and admire them hanging on the line then clothes any day:) xx

Thank you for your beautiful words always when you stop by Lea.