Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The other quilt

Recently I had a little show and tell of my vintage sheet quilt, Lulu's quilt. Well, the 'other' vintage quilt was completed last week...the one using the squares from beautiful Mardi's vintage fabric swap.

A little more show and tell of some of the fabrics first because they really are so lovely.

And the finished product...

The best thing for me about this quilt is the chenille backing I have used. It is so beautifully snuggly and I love that it belonged to the Mr's grandfather. The other best thing is that it is made from fabrics far and wide. I love that that they have all been shared amongst a bunch of crafty types. The other best thing is that the binding is a thrifted sheet gifted from my bestie. The other best thing is that I tried a new way of quilting-along the diagonals-so a wee bit of personal growth for me as well and the other best thing is that it was dirt cheap to make. There isn't even any batting! So it's all swapped, thrifted or gifted...everything but the thread.

Have you made your quilt from the fabric swap yet?
I would love to see it if you have.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flea Market Finds

A few bits and pieces to share this week.
I was lazy and snapped them on my phone so the quality is pretty ordinary but anyway...

I picked up this desk at the swap meet a couple of months ago but it's been in the garage ever since. This past week I went on a bit of a cleaning frenzy and made some space for it in my craft room. The question now paint or not to paint? It was $50 but as I ummmed and ahhhed, the seller told me he was not taking it home and I could have it for $30.

My brother in law happened to be having a stall at the swap meet so I sweet talked him into picking it up and taking it home for me. Funny, I was watching the highlights of the local news that night and they had a story on the swap meet. Lo and behold there we are, my brother lugging the desk back to his car and me running along behind yelling out support;) Very funny!

Thrifted this week a couple of pink sheets for $2, one to keep and one for this swap. Are you joining in too?

Some handy dandy orange tupperware, just .50c each container and it superb condition.

And my very favourite thing...this gorgeous piece of milkglass.
I love everything about it. The roses design with the stripe and the beautiful scalloped edge. I think after this piece I have decided to officially become a milkglass collector. Oh and the price, just $6!

I hope the thrifting fairies have been good to you this week too.
For more op shopping treasures, have a peek at Her Library Adventures.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lulu's quilt

I know I've been prattling on about my quilt from the fabric swap and another couple of nights of handstitching should have it wrapped up. Anywayyyy, a few weeks ago, I FINALLY completed Lulu's vintage sheet quilt for her big girl bed. This is long overdue and if truth be told, I am happy to see the end of it.

She LOVES it and has been sleeping all snuggled up in it the past week.
Maybe a little room tour when it is tidy (don't hold your breath).

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So my quilt from the vintage fabric swap is  now quilted. The next few nights will be spent handstitching the binding while I watch Sons of Anarchy Season 4.

In other computer has been out of action. The lack of blogging and blog reading however, means more of being in the moment, enjoying the last weeks of the holidays, baking, swimming, reading and playing together as well as completing some long overdue wips.

Boo and I had a little trip away for a few days. We spent a night with my bestie and her crew.
There was ogling of vintage sheeting and other op shop treasures, wine, cake, collecting sea glass and a trip to Ikea thrown in for good measure. Special thanks to PJ for pushing 4 children around on the trolley for 2 hours;) 

...I miss you already my friend!

On our second day in Sydney, we met up with our precious friends Yvette and Tassy. We stayed here for a couple of nights and had the lovliest of times. We enjoyed a ferry ride around the harbour. There was shopping and ice cream, a lot of walking, playing on this super fun playground in Darling Harbour, a monorail ride, dinner in China Town and a night at Annie

These little girls were SO HAPPY to be together again!
(the big girls were too:)

I hope you are enjoying being in the moment as well and making memories along the way too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming up Roses

Last year my better half planted a bunch of bare rooted roses at our place and as a result we have been enjoying cut flowers around our home. The roses are just thriving, especially Bella's rose. Bella chose the red rose as it is symbolic to her having cystic fibrosis-it is the symbol for cf. She declared hers the first to flower and it has also produced the most roses. Happy girl indeed!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have had a spot of luck in the vintage sheeting department of late.
These pretty florals collected over the past month or so.

Yesterday my little boy suggested we go op shopping.
The biggest one moaned so she and her little sister were swiftly dropped off at Nanny's for afternoon tea while Ollie and I went for a drive out to a nearby country town.

 We had a lovely time just me and the boy and came home with a few treasures too.

Tapestry  $1.00, floral sheet $1.00

Frame .20c 

 2 x large floral sheets, great condition $4.00 
Colours a bit meh in this photo.

Some books for my big girl. She is a HUGE bookworm and was very excited with this bundle of Babysitters Club Series. She has read four over the past two days.

Books $8.00

ABC golden book and a cute little vase, $1.00 for both.

A good day thrifting I think and a delightful time with my gorgeous boy.
Linking up with Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures. Such a lovely blog.
If you haven't discovered it yet I'd recommend you click in for a peek.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making progress

Tonight I began basting my quilt with the intention of quilting it tomorrow arvo.
Once all the pins were in and my little loves were fast asleep, I couldn't help but make a start on the quilting.

I am using a white chenille bedspread for the backing-it belonged to the Mister's Grandfather.
I am quilting along the diagonals. It's looking... umm very 'handmade'...but I am happy enough.

I am just having a tea break and watching Jaws 3. Have you seen it? Were you a Jaws fan?

Again, I'd love to know if you recognise any squares that you sent into the fabric swap. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vintage Fabric Swap

I wanted to show and tell some of the beautiful fabrics I used in the quilt top I whipped up;)

Beautiful Mardi hosted the Vintage Fabric Swap and a few days ago I received my bundle of gorgeous fabric squares. I had been checking our mail box a thousand times a day and I could barely wait to rip into when it arrived. I am beyond thrilled with the contents.

Lovely quality and a great variety of fabrics...thank you swappers and three cheers for Mardi! What a mammoth job at a busy time of year!

There are SO many are just a few.

I'd love to know if you recognise one that you sent.