Thursday, June 30, 2011


Playing along this month at Scrapjacked.
I found inspiration in Mandy's beautiful layout.

Here's my version...I really liked Mandy's design and one can always find a spot for doilies, I think.

These pictures were taken a couple of months ago around the time of our 15th wedding anniversary. 
Have I told you Lately by Van Morrison was our wedding song, chosen by the Mister!

Thank you Mandy and Scrapjacked for inspiring me to get scrapbooking again.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Made by Nicole

Way back in January, many of us watched the devastation people were experiencing in Queensland. A bunch of fabulous, crafty bloggers joined Toni of Make it Perfect and pulled together to raise $99, 089!!! Isn't that a fantastic effort?!

There were some lovely raffles and items auctioned and lucky, lucky me held the winning bid for a GORGEOUS  custom crochet blanket made by the sweet and very talented Nicole from Dabbling all Day.
When I went back to read her auction post here, I had to have a giggle...'I was trying to figure out something I could make, something small and quick'.

She has been hooking away for many, many months and this week my beautiful blankie arrived...perfect timing, it's turned bitterly cold this week and we are all a bunch of sickies so there has been much snuggling on the couch.

When the parcel man handed over my package, I bolted inside-after saying thank you, of course..and ripped into it. I have been watching it's progress on Nicole's blog but oh my goodness, it is SO GORGEOUS in real life and SO, SO HEAVY! She had tied it with beautiful, bright ribbon  as well as the sweetest card and a yummy chocolate too. I was SO HAPPY:) My lucky day!!!

And now the big reveal...

 I am totally thrilled with it! It is so beautifully made. I'm sure Nicole probably thought she might be crocheting in her sunnies when I chose such bright colours, but our home is very neutral and very brown with splashes of colour so it is just perfect for us.

Imagine working on this night after night, week after week, month after month and then having to give it to someone else! I think you are AMAZING Nicole and SOOO GENEROUS OF YOUR TIME.
Such a wonderful, worthy cause and this little family will be snuggling under your beautiful blankie for many years to come:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I am treading water at the moment. Not getting very much sleep with three sick children, the man of the house has been working away, rainy, cold weather, too much tv watching...wet washing sitting in the machine(I've washed the same load three that too many?? gosh it's going to be really clean) and every now and then, I sneak into my craft room and sew a couple of squares together...and then a couple more.

I started this quilt a while back. It was always going to be a labour of love. It's for Lulu's big girl bed and she's still in her cot so there's no pressure really.

I kind of lost interest in the fabrics a bit but now that I've stitched some strips together, I've fallen in love with it again. I can see it coming together now and that's all the motivation I need to get it finished. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Oh how I have missed playing along with Sophie's Flea Market Finds. I have had a sick boy which put my thrifting adventures on hold for a while. I snuck in some thrifting yesterday thank goodness...because  today I have three sick children!!! Go away Winter! And take your bugs and germs with you!

And now, onto some thrifty show and tell.

A pretty bluish/greyish jumper for one of my most favourite people. She's collecting woollen jumpers to cut up for a patchy blanket.
Some pretty coloured doilies.

Fabric remnants, a bit granny but I'm fond of all things roses and I really like the mustardy colours too.

And my best find of the week...beautiful vintage lace. 

 Stunning. Tonnes of it. My photos really don't show it's loveliness.
You'll find some in my little fundraising store soon.

Thanks so much for popping by. Be sure to visit Sophie's place for more flea market finds.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Op Shop Goodies

This week I picked up some lovely fabrics. All so different from one another but I love each one!

Some cute buckles and a bag of zips as well...
Also pictured above...a cute little orange sugar bowl. Just what we needed and a bargain at 50c.

A pretty vintage sheet $2.00. It was in a pack with two plain white pillowcases and a apricot sheet. I took out the floral and donated the others back because I didn't need them.

And my favourite find for this week.
And to think I almost missed it!!! I was walking out of Vinnies and it was propped up against the wall right near the door. Phew.
Did we need it? Absolutely!
$3.50 well spent, I think.

As always, linking in with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.
Thanks so much for visiting!