Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Treasure hunting

And just like that, the set was completed!

The other day, my friend Yvette came to visit and we went for a little drive in the country. We visited the lovely town of Lockhart and the AMAZING second hand store, Ginge and Fluffs. Yes. Ginge and Fluffs. I'm thinking cats but the mind boggles! Next time I'll be sure to ask ;) It was there at Ginge and Fluffs that I picked up the last bowl in my pyrex set.

PS Thank you for your lovely offer Mel. I would surely have taken you up on it had I not been lucky enough to find this one.

A snapshot of March

I know April is almost over but March you were beautiFULL!
  •  A special birthday breakfast with the ones I love.
  •  A night out with some beautiful girlfriends.
  • I went to hear Microwave Jenny sing their sweet tunes-their last gig before they headed overseas. Love em.
  • Finally, the citrus trees I have been longing for. A lemon, a lime and an orange.
  • A birthday celebration for our big girl too. A pool party. Boys and girls. Donut eating competitions. Truth or dare. Hamburgers. An icecream bar. One very happy girl.
  • The kiddos played their last game of softball for the season. 
  • A FABULOUS day at Talbingo Dam. The kiddos had a ball riding the biscuit. Boo did a super job water skiing. Riley took them skurfing. So blessed to have extended family loving our kids like we do. Our children do not have any cousins of similar ages to grow alongside, to play with. But they are blessed to have patient and caring big cousins. Big cousins that take them shopping and out for lunch. That give drum lessons and take them water skiing. That listen to their stories and wrestle and indulge in their antics despite them being sometimes annoying. I digress.
  •  The littlest love ate an apple with the skin on for the very first time. This was kind of a big deal.
  • And I cannot forget a special visit with Bonnie. We puppy sat the sweetest little daschound for most of March. We all fell in love with her, including the Mr who has dug his heels in firmly with a big fat no, when we've all pleaded for a dog. I can at least see a glimmer of hope now and we'll keep trying to twist his arm.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We have been enjoying the slower pace of school hols.
We are loving the cooler Autumn days. Still sunfilled but cool enough for an extra layer.
We had the most wonderful lazy afternoon on Good Friday. The kiddos played at the park for a few hours...swinging and climbing trees, playing hide n seek, fish n chips for lunch, while the mamas lay in the sun on a blanket and talked non stop. It was a very good Friday indeed.

There has been making and baking.
I finished my sew along skirt. Fashion parade to come ;)
We had a delicious camp oven roast for dinner on Easter Sunday followed by our usual Easter treats of speckled eggs in a chocolate noodle nest. Always a winner!

Slowly but surely I am sending out some happy mail. If you are waiting...thank you for your patience.
I am enjoying putting your mail together. I hope you enjoy receiving it too.

The Mr and I enjoyed a rare night away sans children.
We spent a night in Orange and it's surrounds. We visited an op shop or two and some lovely second hand stores. I snapped up this lovely piece of fenton milk glass at the salvos. A sweet $15.00 It really is a beautiful piece.

We also enjoyed the most amazing coffee and breakfast-I swear I did not eat for the rest of the day because I was SO full. If you ever visit Orange, I thoroughly recommend Factory Espresso. I also thoroughly recommend you visit the nearby town of Millthorpe. 

In other thrifting news, I found this pyrex bowl at my local. A bargain at just $2.00
Just one more piece to complete the set, I think.

I have much more to show n tell but this post has been sitting in my drafts folder all week so I'm just going hit publish now ok!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Last week I jumped on into the Lazy Daisy Sew-along. It has been put together by Daisy who doesn't seem lazy at all! She has put so much effort into the sew-along already! The pattern is easy to follow, great for beginner pattern readers like myself, Daisy is very encouraging and on hand to help. I purchased the pattern from my local Spotty. When I asked for some help in getting my measurements and explained I would be making the skirt via an online sew-along, the Spotlight lady looked at me like I'd swallowed a bobbin (or something sewing related because this is a sew along after all). She offered the name of a local lady in case I was interested in sewing lessons. Oh no I can sew I told her..I'm just not very good at reading patterns. Hehe. Blogging is a funny thing and an online community is a tricky thing to explain to someone who has no idea what you are talking about. Needless to say. I decided not to tell her I was sending happy mail out to strangers friends I haven't met yet.

This skirt even has a zip! So if I get a hold on that, there will be something to shout about.
I am using some crazy thrifted fabric for my skirt. I really like this print despite it not being something I would normally wear. It only cost me a couple of dollars so if it works out then I have plans for some lovely brown velvet-also thrifted.

It's not to late to join in.
All the details are here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For the love of happy mail

Recently I mentioned I would like to host a little mail swap. As a teenager I wrote regularly to my penpal. We often sent each other stickers and song lyrics, posters of Ralph Macchio, Kirk Cameron and book recommendations. We poured out our hearts on pretty notepaper and it was so much fun sending and receiving mail. Despite losing touch as we moved through life, I still have every single letter and I still make her mother's cauliflower soup-a recipe she once sent me.

Inspired by these wonderful letters, I would like to host a little mail swap. This will be a one off swap for those who simply love sending and receiving mail.You will need to fill an A5 envelope with happy mail. You might like to include a recipe, a postcard, a favourite quote, a photograph of something you love or something in your town or yourself!!! movie or book recommendations, stationary items such as cards and stickers, can be handmade or not. And importantly, a handwritten letter. These are just a few things that sprung to mind. You can be as creative-or not as you like. But mostly have fun with it! Have fun putting it together and have fun receiving your own little piece of happy mail.

If this is something you might like to participate in please email me at with 'for the love of happy mail' in the subject line.

* The mail swap is now closed