Monday, June 30, 2014

A snapshot of May

May was a big month.

  • There were all the usual goings on... work, school, preschool, the to and fro of kids sport, music, activities.
  • The Mr went away on a ten day fishing trip-the longest he has been away from us. I tell ya' I was daunted but surprisingly we moved along like a well oiled machine. Early nights were a key factor.

  • We waved goodbye to Grammy and Grandy as they headed off on their UK holiday.
  • The first lemon!
  • Fundraising was BIG on the agenda forMay. Gah to be honest..It puts me out of my comfort zone at times. I'm sure we've all dodged a fundraiser in the street before. It's a tricky thing asking people for money or their time. But until there is a cure for cf..well, we'll just keep on keeping on. One day. If not for our child, then someone elses. All this helps. It really does. The advancements in treatment and outcome for cf and a range of illness/disease/conditions is truly amazing. Everytime you throw a buck into a charity, please know that it absolutely counts.
As many of you know, our big girl lives and breathes every day with cystic fibrosis. Living with a chronic illness is a roller coaster..for Bella and for us. It is part of our every day life. We try not to let it consume us..but there are times when it does. The rollercoaster. 

May is the month for our national awareness campaign and while we have always been involved in fundraising for cf..our big girl said 'mum, this year I want to do something' and thus 65km for cystic fibrosis was created. Throughout the month of May, she rode her bike a total of 65km to raise much needed funds and awareness for cf. We are incredibly proud of her positive attitude, maturity and commitment to keeping as healthy as possible. Kids with cf have a lot to take on. They need to manage treatments, medications, health and hospital admissions and they live with the knowledge of a shortened life expectancy. As parents, we try not to dwell on this and take each day as it comes but it is always there-in the back of our minds, in the bottom of our hearts.

Every weekend during May our girl rode her bike around our local lake. Sometimes with her dad and me running along behind, on Mother's Day, she and I rode 15km together and sang songs along the way, sometimes she rode with friends. But every weekend she headed out to the lake to clock up her 65km with enthusiam. 
I helped her to set up an everyday hero page where she shared her story and watched in amazement as funds rolled in.

This one little girl managed to raise $4752.39!!!

A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who took a moment to read Bella's story, who shared her everyday hero page, offered encouragement, joined her for a lap or two or donated to her fundraiser. We are totally gobsmacked by your support. THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Milk glass

Some lovely new milk glass to show and tell. Just the nudge I needed to get me blogging.
I am pretty darn excited about these pieces. They all found their way to me over the past few weeks.

Firstly, the sweetest little pear dish. So different than anything else I have in my collection. This was gifted by the lovely and generous Kylie. I especially love the back as well. Such a pretty little piece.

This goblet was picked up at my local oppy for $2.00 and these pretty bowls were also thrifted, $2.00 for both.

And lastly, a special little vase that came all way from England. My inlaws have just returned from a one month holiday in the UK. They found this in a second hand store and were not even certain it was milk glass. Thank goodness they decided to snag it. I am absolutely thrilled to have this well travelled piece in my collection.