Friday, December 28, 2012

This week

  • Our kids went to bed at midnight. Twice.
  • I gave the children raisin toast for dinner. Just the once;)
  • We had our friends over for 'Christmas drinks'.
  • I made our Christmas pudding.
  • I thrifted a piece of milkglass. Yippeeeee, rare as hens teeth around here.
  • My bff arrived in town for Christmas.
  • The postie delivered some happy mail.
  • I had a Boxing day nap.
  • There has been a lot of tv watching, wii playing, lego building, reading, playdough squishing, painting, swimming and chocolate eating.
  • A special Christmas with a new baby in our family-her first 'Santa photo' with great Pa.
  • We walked around our neighbourhood on Christmas eve to look at the lights.
  • We are living on left overs.

We had a wonderful Christmas! 
Did you?!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Treasure hunting

I've been meaning to post a few bits and pieces I have picked up 'around the traps'.

Firstly, this coffee sack was purchased from the swap meet. Just $5.00
My better half is a big coffee connoisseeur so I had him in mind when I spotted this. I am thinking a big cushion on back our verandah where he drinks he morning coffee. Might be a bit scratchy?! Do you think?

This pretty teatowel was discovered at some handmade markets. I bought it from a lovely stall filled with beautiful vintage linens (no wonder the oppies are bare). It was well worth the $10.00 to me. I love the colours and it's in mint condition.

This beautiful picture was inherited from Nanna Belle-the Mr's grandma. It will make it's way into a Christmas display of some sort, I think.

And last but by no means least, a much needed lemon squeeze.
(Marleen, I know you wanted one of these ages ago. I think you may have found one but if not, this one is your okay?!)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Things I've learned lately

Sometimes...sometimes you just have to let it go.

Sometimes a good cry makes you feel a whole lot better.
So does a run.
And a chat with a best friend.
And even a good whine wine.

A bit of op shopping can be good therapy too;)
Especially when you find the glasses that match your carafe. $1.00 for the lot! Now I have six glasses and TWO carafes!

This linen teatowel  struck a chord with me.
I bumped into the Mr in Tathra one New Years Eve, many, many moons ago. The rest is history.

I also popped this old desk into the boot of my car. It fit like a glove so it was obviously meant to be.

Have you found any treasures lately?
What makes you feel better when things are a bit blah?
Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Ornament swap

I posted off my ornament swap package last week. I think it should have arrived at it's new home by now.

As well as my ornament, I stitched up a garland made from a vintage music book. It's a nice 3m, so long enough for the tree. I also folded some Christmas illustrations into envelopes. Lovely for a Christmas note to someone special or great for gift vouchers! Hope you liked your package Jen!

I also received my swap package and am beyond thrilled!
Not one, but four absolutely gorgeous crocheted baubles. I love the combination of colours! They will make a beautiful addition to our Christmas decor. How clever is Kat! Must learn to crochet!!!
Thanks again Kat! I love them!

A huge thank you to Christina for organising the ornament swap. I really appreciate all the effort into organising this. It is lovely to take part in these swaps and even lovlier to meet a bunch of new to me bloggers and visit their little spaces. Christina is currently showcasing some fantastic makers on her blog. Pop over to do some Christmas shopping while supporting handmade. There's lots of lovely giveaways too. Thanks again Christina! You are so generous of your time.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

I love Christmas and all it's bells and whistles but truthfully, I find it such a busy and often hectic time of year.
Our calendar is filled to the brim with end of year school activities, Christmas functions for work, school and sport, hospital appointments and a couple of birthdays thrown in for good measure. My head is abuzz with all the Christmas things I want to do with and for our family.

To prioritise what is truly important to me, I  thought would make a bit of a list of things that I want to do or participate in, during the weeks ahead. I must mention that I am not normally a list girl. More of a fly by the seat of your pants type girl. Let's see how it goes though hey!

1. Put up the Christmas tree
2. Organise the Christmas books
3. Do Mum's Christmas shopping
4. Listen to a Christmas CD in the car on the way to school
5. Create a Christmas display in the entry
6. Donate gift to the Kmart Christmas Tree
7. Make strawberries dipped in white choc and green sprinkles
8. Take kids to Mr's work Christmas party
9. Sew Christmas skirts for girls (do not leave this until Christmas Eve this year!)
10. Finalise my Christmas shopping
11. Wrap Christmas gifts
12. Make Christmas deco for our Christmas dinner host
13. Make Bubba's chocolate/pistacchio stuff and package some for friends
14. Take kids to Tball Christmas party
15. Donate groceries to charity 
16. Finalise my Christmas shopping!!!
17. Watch a Christmas movie
18. Invite friends over for Chrissy drinks
19. Bake and decorate Christmas cupcakes with children
20. Take kids to get annual 'Santa photo'
21. Make reindeer food
22. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights
23. Visit Bethlehem display at local school
24. Organise a snack for Santa and crew

I am thinking I should bump that Santa photo up the list a bit. Every year I leave it until the last minute and the queues are HUGE!

Are you a list girl?
Do you get the 'Santa photo' taken too?