Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good things lately

1. A spot of making- cushion cover made from thrifted cross stitch, vintage floral and some too small for me jeans.
2. Lemon Crinkles. Thanks Miss Kylie!
3.  Floral tin $5 from a new found treasure trove in my town. I was going to put it in the garden but now I'm having second thoughts.
4. Seedlings sprouting. The littlest love gave me the little biodegradable pot for mothers day this year. It came with a peat pellet and a little packet of mixed seeds. We planted them together and now we are watching them grow.
5. Goodbye Winter
6. Littlest love being her funny little self.

Please let me know if you have a 'good things' type post. I'd love to see what good things make you smile.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Mail

Recently another Lee, sent a beautiful little package my way. She knows how much I love vintage music paper and I rarely come across any around my parts, so it was gratefully received. It was one of those little out of the blue packages. It was SO thoughtful and a wonderful surprise-totally made me my day. Bloggers are nice like that aren't they?

Well it's made a home on a wall in my little making space.
I had a merry old time pinning it up with some vintage friends. It is a work in progress and I am still adding to it as the mood strikes. I love how it is evolving and I get to enjoy it every time I walk in the room which is much better than having it stashed away for a rainy day. There's all kinds of lovely-dictionary pages, botanical prints, bible pages, recipes and some wonderful pages from an old Womens Weekly.

It's my little wall of wisdom, full of all kinds of tips and tricks, recipes and inspiration.
Here's a few favourites.

Ginger Beer anyone?

Beauty tips might be more up your alley...
'Don't be discouraged!' This is my first word of advice to women in the thirties and upwards who on account of past neglect or use of wrong methods, see with dismay their hair fading, their skin yellowing and becoming course, their figure spreading.

 I shall not be discouraged!

My goodness, who knew you could catch a cold from mustard poultice!

And if all that advice wasn't enough... a little bit of wisdom from Emerson. Spot on, I think!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thrifted lately

Another chenille blanket..I know I need it like a hole in the head! I wouldn't have taken it home with me..honestly! BUT we have something special in the pipeline and I've got a vision of chenille blankets spread across our back lawn. Think family, friends and picnic dinner with a kaleidoscope of chenille.

Also found were these lovely wooden spools. They have so much character don't they? Who knew a bag a cotton reels could bring so much joy-organising in arrays, building towers, sorting by colours, shape and size.

Beautiful doilies!I'm thrilled with these. Doilies are few and far between theses days and these ones are gorgeous! Love a 50c price tag too.

I hope you've found some treasures lately too.
I'm linking in with Max and the other show off's. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A snapshot of July

July has been another busy month with loads of good things for our family.
Lots of special moments and lots of opportunities and rewards for which I am very grateful.

  • School holidays with special friends. I treasure these times and the memories being made. 
  • We went to the movies to see 'Dispicable Me 2' as well as Ten Pin Bowling. There were park days and playdates, visits to the library and a morning at the Naidoc celebrations. A fun filled holiday that's for sure!
  • Our Great Nanna Belle turned 100! Yes! Isn't that amazing! We had a high tea to celebrate with a constant stream of visitors and a three piece band-thanks to our nephew and his muso friends. The oldies smiled and clapped along. It was just lovely. I felt very teary as I watched Nan throughout the day. 100! Just incredible really! While she didn't reallly remember all the family and friends celebrating with her, she soaked up the celebrations and enjoyed being the centre of attention.
    • Bonfire and a camp oven roast. Again! Well tis the season isn't it?
    • Saturday morning soccer. Bitterly cold. We hit the fields at 8.30am each week.
    • A day with baby Harmony.  Love her little pout in this picture. I think it's important to capture the spectrum of faces.

    • The Mister got a new job! It is a bit daunting to be leaving his current position but he's been there a looong time and wants to sink his teeth into something new. He has been looking for a while and the stars have finally aligned. It just feels like the right thing and the right time. Fingers crossed.
    • Our big girl applied for a scholarship. The very worthy recipient was a high school student but our girl came runnerup! She won an ipad and made the local paper. She did such a great job writing her application and was beside herself with her win. There were over 70 applicants so she did very well. We are so happy for her. It has been a great year for her this year. The past few years have been quite the challenge for her (and us at times!) and so my mama heart is just so happy that she is having some success, has made some new friends and developed a bit more confidence. She is finding her niche and the things that make her happy.
    • The children performed for Education Week. Choir for Ollie, dance, choir and band for Boo. On top of this, they had a school disco and each celebrated a friends birthday.
    • A bbq at Bunnings for CF. Just over a thousand dollars raised! So grateful for our family and friends that give up so much of their time.
    • I have been working between one and three days each week. It is busy. (Remember I have been a stay at home mama for 12 years!) We are managing okay and the children have coped very well with the transition. We had takeaway twice this week(real takeaway too-pizza and McDonalds eww) but I balanced it out with a roast tonight ;)
    • We finished up the month with a big night out for G's work farewell.
    August, I wonder what you have in store for us.