Friday, June 24, 2011

Made by Nicole

Way back in January, many of us watched the devastation people were experiencing in Queensland. A bunch of fabulous, crafty bloggers joined Toni of Make it Perfect and pulled together to raise $99, 089!!! Isn't that a fantastic effort?!

There were some lovely raffles and items auctioned and lucky, lucky me held the winning bid for a GORGEOUS  custom crochet blanket made by the sweet and very talented Nicole from Dabbling all Day.
When I went back to read her auction post here, I had to have a giggle...'I was trying to figure out something I could make, something small and quick'.

She has been hooking away for many, many months and this week my beautiful blankie arrived...perfect timing, it's turned bitterly cold this week and we are all a bunch of sickies so there has been much snuggling on the couch.

When the parcel man handed over my package, I bolted inside-after saying thank you, of course..and ripped into it. I have been watching it's progress on Nicole's blog but oh my goodness, it is SO GORGEOUS in real life and SO, SO HEAVY! She had tied it with beautiful, bright ribbon  as well as the sweetest card and a yummy chocolate too. I was SO HAPPY:) My lucky day!!!

And now the big reveal...

 I am totally thrilled with it! It is so beautifully made. I'm sure Nicole probably thought she might be crocheting in her sunnies when I chose such bright colours, but our home is very neutral and very brown with splashes of colour so it is just perfect for us.

Imagine working on this night after night, week after week, month after month and then having to give it to someone else! I think you are AMAZING Nicole and SOOO GENEROUS OF YOUR TIME.
Such a wonderful, worthy cause and this little family will be snuggling under your beautiful blankie for many years to come:)


Christy Franklin said...

I want one too!!! I love the colour combo. Great choice. And it is made so beautifully!

Yvette Adams said...

It's gorgeous! And HUUUUGE!!! The colours are beautiful - not too bright at all - the brown really grounds it all.

Mardi said... beautiful....and generous of Nicole.
Such a gorgeous size too Lea....I can see you will all be loving it for years and years to come.
Mardi x

Sheree said...

Oh wow Lea it's gorgeous!!! I love the colours and its such a great size! Nicole has done a beautiful job!

Sheree xx