Sunday, August 31, 2014

A snapshot of August

  • The kiddos finished up their Winter sport-soccer for both big kids
  • The weather remained cool, we had three sick kids with Lulu's lurgy hitting her hard. It's been weeks and still the chesty cough for all three lingers on. Ick! There's no such thing as 'just a cold' at our place. Bella had a fantastic review at cf clinic in July! It's amazing what a cold and a few weeks make. The rollercoaster. We are hanging out for the school break when we can all rest and recharge.
  • My gorgeous niece tried her hand at candle making and gifted me a lovely soy candle in one of Nanna Belles glasses.
  • We visited Junee Licorice factory after soccer one Saturday.
  • Little love and I enjoyed a country drive to Lockhart. We headed to 'Ginge and Fluffs' second hand store to find a gift for a lovely friend. The canola crops were a huge highlight of the day out. I've never seen a yellow so cheery.
  • I made banana bread over and over.
  • Grandy lit the bofire. There was soup, a camp oven roast, motorbike riding and marshmallow toasting with family and friends.
  • The bigs had friends sleep over.
  • Special mail from a thoughtful friend..Wrapped in vintage wallpaper no less.
  • Lulu rode her bike without training wheels for the first time!
  • I squeezed in a bit of running.
  • We celebrated Kyle's 21st birthday.
  • Belle got accepted into selective class at her high school of choice. She is very happy which makes us very happy.
  • And finally and thankfully...there were signs of Spring. 


Zara said...

It's lovely to catch up on the past couple of months.
The floral flannelette sheets of July are a favourite here too. x

Mardi said...

Wonderful Lea... I adore the way you post your monthly reviews.
Mardi x

ButterandBuntings said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about my dress swap. I've got another one planned and the sign up and details are on my blog. Only if your keen! X