Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flea market finds

A few weekends ago the Mister and I headed off to the swap meet, child free at that!
I had a mental list of things I was after and I was thrilled to cross a few treasures off that list!
I picked up three beautiful pieces of milkglass. That makes five pieces all up now so I'd say that makes a collection yes?!

The little vase on the left was a score at $2.00
The seller was thrilled with my enthusiam because it belonged to her mother. I assured her it would be cherished. The other pieces were picked up for $5.00 each.

This little mustard coloured teapot also came home with me. For $5.00 it was a perfect match for some previously thrifted cups become planters.

And last but not least and possibly my favourite purchase of the day, this rustic piece.
Have you ever come across one of these? Do you know what they were used for?

Sultana Drying. Yep!

In the photograph below they are 'loading perforated dipping buckets of sultanas on to a dipping frame on the back of a truck on the Fenwick property at Berri circa 1950.  In this process 75-100 buckets of fruit at a time were immersed for half to one minute in a cold dip solution contained in a concrete, above ground tank, using a gantry and windlass.

 Bulk dipping greatly speeded up the dipping operation where previously buckets were dipped 12 at a time or singly.  In the 70s bulk dipping was superseded by rack spraying of fruit with cold dip solution and more recently the adoption of trellis drying.  For a number of reasons mostly associated with marketing, the production of dried sultanas had all but ceased in SA by the year 2000.'

So much character!
The seller suggested it might make a lovely herb garden but I am thinking of housing it inside maybe with some magazines or books. Ideas most welcome!

Have you ever been to a swap meet?
I'm linking up with Sophie and other treasure seekers over here.


Zara said...

Five sure is a collection. Love the new milk glass additions.
I've never been to a swap meet, but I'd like to go one day.

Kylie said...

Love your sultanna dryer Lea. V. much. And no, I've never seen (or heard of one) before. Interesting, useful and beautiful.
I used to go to swap meets all the time, not so much these days - nowadays ours are mostly full of plasticy rubbish from Asia, less old, lovely, vintage.

Gina said...

Lovely Milkglass! The one in front is my favorite.

karlyn Jackson said...

That hobnail piece is a steal for $5, I'm assuming it's Fenton? loving the little teapot, remember the ones Ade and I found in Coolamon? very cute!

Bungalowgirl said...

Love all the milk glass, I haven't seen anything like the back right one at all, very unusual and awesome. I have the same little vase and I think a collection starts at 3 at my place. melx

Anonymous said...

Can't go wrong with milk glass! It's so pretty and goes with everything!

Unknown said...

I love your milk glass collection. Especially that vase on the left.