Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The lovely package swap

So now that my swap buddy has received her package, a little bit of show and tell.

When signing up we were asked to give a little brief of things we like and words to describe our style.
When putting together Rin's package, I was thinking all things 'whimsical, bright, colourful, imaginative, creative'. Rin's loves included 'airmail stickers, vintage atlases, books, Harry Potter and anything and everything papery'.

I had so much fun with this. I scouted Rin's blog and pinterest boards to give me a better insight into the things she loves. She is a big Harry Potter fan and even celebrated her 21st birthday in HP theme! My Bella is a HUGE Harry Potter fan also, having read every book and watched every movie a gazillion times over. Our family visited the HP exhibition in Sydney earlier this year. Bella and I had heaps of fun looking up Harry Potter stuff online and Bella chose this print from etsy to include in Rin's package.

When reading Rin's blog, Bella noticed her cute fingernails so nail polish was added to the list!
Some bright neon was selected and a little bit of papercrafting was thrown in as well as a colourful pencil case. Lulu created the wrapping for this one using the age old technique of potato printing (albeit a carrot in this instance) and I stitched a little paper garland to wrap around.
Some more handmade love...

And finally a little bit of whimsy.

As much I LOVE, love, love receiving happy mail, the real joy in this swap for me was in the putting together of Rin's package and the fun that Bella and I shared in working on it together. Guess who else has a new Harry Potter print in their room?!


Kylie said...

Not a HP fan but I do love the sentiment in that print. It's awesome. Your parcel to Rin is lovely Leah, you can tell you and Bella had a lot of fun putting it together. I bet she was thrilled to receive it x

Zara said...

Wow that is one lovely parcel. Love all the colourful components. I bet Rin was one happy recipient of those goodies. x