Friday, October 28, 2011

50 years

Celebrating the ordinary and everyday

Last weekend my inlaws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They celebrated by having a reception with 50 of their nearest and dearest. The Mr did a super job as MC and our children had the special job of handing out cut little cake pops.There was a lovely meal, nice speeches, a slide show of our family over the years, lots of special touches.
One of these was a gift from my inlaws to each of their children and partners. There were three gifts on the table and Grant, his brother and sister were asked to each choose one, a bit of a lucky dip if you like.
Inside was one of their wedding gifts. The gift came with instructions that we were not allowed to put it in a garge sale or send it to the op shop. (haha that's a different story)

We opened our gift to find these four milk glass beer steins inside.

My brother-inlaw received a lovely crystal bowl and my sister-inlaw received 6 pretty floral saucers and 3 matching teacups(the other three cups had been broken sometime during the past 50 years)

So did we hit the jackpot with our beer steins or did we luck out? A fun idea I think.

Congratulations Grammy and Grandy! We love you very much!


karlyn Jackson said...

I think they are lovely and even more special that they were a wedding pressie.

Yvette Adams said...

Happy anniversary Grammy and Grandy! Grandy scrubs up alright! And Grammy too but Grandy was more of a surprise LOL.

The beer steins are way cool!! It's a lovely idea to give you their wedding presents.

Sheree said...

Awww...what a lovely way to celebrate their 50th! Very special!

Sheree xx