Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrating the ordinary and everyday

Our big kids performed in a musical festival tonight.
Boo, in the choir and Ollie in Kindergarten Dance Group.
I am feeling like such a proud Mama tonight.

I have not seen Bella this happy in a long while:) She sang her little heart out and loved every minute of it.
I loved every minute of watching her joy.
We were not allowed to take photos during the performance but here's one I snapped before hand.

Ollie decided he did not want to be a firefly afterall and stuck to my leg like a little barnacle instead. His beautiful teacher peeled him off me and I gave him a big smile before walking away anxiously. The teacher in me knows with all my heart that children settle quickly once their mama is out of the picture but the mama in me was  heartbroken. It's such a  horrible feeling to walk away from your upset child when all you want to do is  hold them and not let go. I sat in the audience wondering if he would be on stage... I didn't mind if he wasn't...but out he came and he buzzed around with enthusiasm. He got to keep the torch so he was very happy about that!
I'm so happy he had fun with his friends and the opportunity to shine!

Do you have a child that gets stage fright or do you have one that loves to be centre stage?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bella and Ollie.
My two are still both under 3 years of age. But my son at 2 and a half wouldn't know what shy is. He has no shame and will do anything to get someone's attention in public. If you smile at him, he will be calling out to you at the top of his lungs " hey lady" and waving to you.

Yvette Adams said...

Gorgeous photo of Boo. :) Her hair looks lovely too. Oh lil Ollie - of course he was OK after no time at all but it does break your heart doesn't it!

As you know I have a child who loves performing on stage! And funny but my blog post today is related to that!