Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend wonderful

A couple of months ago, I went away with my bestie for a weekend full of wonderful. It was the second weekend away from my children in almost 10 years. The first one was disasterous. I bawled my eyes out on the plane and cried half the weekend(hormones).
This time though I was ready! I really needed this break and I enjoyed it whole heartedly.

We headed off on a little road trip to Daylesford for the weekend.
Never mind that it took us all day to get there.
We left about 9.30am.
First stop... this little country op shop at 10am! Yes we did not get very far.

We stopped at a number of op shops along the way, there was much chitter chatter, some 80's music, a wrong turn, a narrow dirt road, foxes, and the most beautiful countryside.

We arrived in Daylesford just after dark and found a lovely place for take away.
We enjoyed a few wines and the most delicious pizza, pumkin risotto and greek salad.
We stayed in this quaint little cottage.

It was up bright and early the next day and out for breakie before hitting the op shops. I'm sure the oppies are well thrifted by the local stallholders at Daylesford Bazaar. Despite this, we still managed to find a couple of treasures.
Next it was off to Daylesford Bazaar.
Lots to see and rummage through.

And then... onto the Mill Markets-AMAZING!
You need a good few hours to browse here.
I loved these TH Brown stools and if there were three, I would have been very tempted.
Yes the cute orange vase on the right is the same as the one on my shelf. This one was priced $35 and I picked up mine for $13 at a local second hand store. Chuffed.

Sooo many beautiful vintage wares to see, gorgeous vintage clothing, some a bit pricey for this thrifty girl. 
I did however find a little bargain but that's another post.
We also discovered a little 'trash n treasure' happening at a local church and of course a visit to Daylesford wouldn't be complete without some shopping at Lark would it?

And the perfect end to the day... a hot shower, jammi's,  we poured some wine, and devoured this for dinner.

Ahhh yes a weekend full of wonderful. And I didn't cry once!

Tomorrow bestie and I are heading off to a community garage sale. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn't! The little town of Coolamon will be buzzing with 40+ garage sales.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

What a lovely way to spend the weekend! I love country op shops, I haven't had the chance to visit one in a while. I hope you find some goodies tomorrow!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I love Daylesford too - had a girls weekend there in June, and did both the Bazaar and Mill Markets - so much fun! So glad to hear you had a lovely weekend there.

nicole said...

sounds like such a great weekend away!
i stayed at the same place last time i was there :D they're such beautiful little cottages!

ps. i received the most amazing piece of bunting in the mail on friday! thank you soooo much, it's truly gorgeous!

Bungalowgirl said...

I would love to go and visit Daylesford for a girls weekend, but Noosa is not too bad either. Have fun at the mega garage sale either. Can't wait to see what you ferret out! melx

lost property vintage said...

That sounds like a fun weekend away!