Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bunting Swap

Another piece of bunt arrived in my mailbox. This one all the way from Wales. Isn't that fantastic! Just to think that Faith stitched this little bunt all the way over in Wales and sent it to me in Australia.
Thank you so much Faith. It's gorgeous and I love the little tag stitched on the back.


Faith said...

I just typed your blog address in so I could say thank you for my lovely piece of bunting and see that you received mine today too!

I love the piece you sent to me with the lovely Australian wildflowers on it, so special!

This swap has touched me so much, when I signed up I didn't realise how excited we would all be to receive each piece, my two oldest boys ask when they get home from school what came in the post so they can see the stamps on the envelopes. My hubby is now taking more interest, which is a miracle in itself! Anyway, just wanted to say again, thank you so much, I feel totally blessed!

Sheree said...

Lea you lucky girl! This little piece of bunting is just beautiful!

Sheree xx

Vic said...

I was lucky enough to receive a piece of Faith's bunting too! So lovely. :)