Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Sunday

Celebrating the ordinary and everyday...

The past week we have had so much rain at our place. We have also had three sick kids with chesty coughs and snotty noses, the littlest one with an ear infection and tonsilitis.

There has a lot of unbroken sleep, there has been far to much TV watching (their daddy has been away so I've been in coping mechanism).

The sunshine was back today. It was a very welcomed visitor.

We went for a walk to Aunty Wendy's to pick up the car. It was left there yesterday after too many beers and too many home made sausage rolls were consumed while watching the football.

 Barbie working on her tan

Ollie thrilled to find 'some gumnut babies hats' while having a little rest in the shade

And 5 minutes after the first rest...another rest!

I walked/jogged/puffed/walked/jogged/puffed my way home as well. I really relished in the 30 minutes to think, to listen to the quiet and to breathe. I am loving learning to run.

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Yvette Adams said...

Ollie looks so much like grant in that pic. And I'm so impressed that you're running!