Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Bits of Pretty in Etzcetera Magazine


Recently, the lovely Kim Archer -founder and publisher of Etzcetera magazine, wrote a feature article on our little fundraiser Little Bits of Pretty. I was thrilled with the opportunity but when she emailed me the interview questions I must confess, I panicked. I wanted to be open and honest about our life with CF but I didn't want to be all woe is me because one thing I've learned through having a child with CF is that there are SO many people facing all kinds of challenges. Cystic Fibrosis just happens to be ours.

One of my favourite things in Issue 2 of Etzcetera is Kim's cover project. I am all for a quick little arty project with a great result. I didn't have water soluble pastels so I just gave them a bit of a smudge with my finger. I really liked the text stamp but I didn't have one of those either so I added an extra button and threw in some lace bunting for good measure.

One of the things I have always LOVED about Kim's workshops is that you don't need a kit to complete the projects. You can just use whatever you have on hand. The projects are always so adaptable.

My other favourite thing in Issue 2 was Mardi's Map. That's next on my list..
Have you made any of the projects from Etzcetera? I'd love to see!

If you haven't discovered Etzcetera Magazine yet, you can check out the first issue for free here.
And, thanks again Kim..for the opportunity to promote Little Bits of Pretty through your fantastic magazine!


Yvette Adams said...

Wow!!! Fantabulous! I'm keen to try this project too. This and Mardi's map were my favourites!

Mongs said...

very artsy and pretty piece of work. Congrats on the interview too.


Sheree said...

I love this Lea! So gorgeous!

Sheree xx