Monday, October 31, 2011

My Place and Yours

'Where I sleep'
Okay, so I made my bed and tidied up a bit for this weeks MPAY.
I packed away the pieces of lego on my bedside table and picked a rose from my garden.

When we built our home almost 2 years ago we bought this Orla Kiely doona cover. I love it just as much now as I did then. BUT...
I feel like I need an injection of colour maybe...or not? I know there needs to be another pillow and cushions!?? There is usually a white quilt at the bottom of the bed but it's in the wash at the moment.

I could have showed you the children's sleeping spaces because theirs are much prettier and more interesting. Very colourful! I haven't tackled our room yet because while I know what I like, I just don't know what to DO! I want something to complement the bedding, not compete with it.

There are 3 x windows on my side of the bed. Then the other three walls(white) are a blank canvas(with the exception of a white doily bunting that I am about to put in the little ladies room instead) Our carpet is a dark espresso brown. The bedside table on the Misters side is a white lack table from ikea(looking at the oppies for one that matches mine..or doesn't) My bedside is thrifted and needs some TLC. I was thinking a lick of paint, something bright but I just don't know. It all comes down to indecisiveness on my part.

If you have some fabulous idea or inspirational advice for me...please share. In the meantime, I'll keep ummming and ahhhhing and perusing Pinterest.

For more spaces, visit Vic at Punky and Me.

PS A special thanks to my Mama for ironing my doona last week. She popped in and saw baskets upon baskets of ironing and offered to help. I gave her only ONE thing. That king size doona cover!!!
Mum I owe you;)

PPS I know many of might tell me that I am nutty ironing a doona cover or nutty ironing at all! but what can I say... I am my mother's daughter:)


Jennie said...

I love the Orla K!!
I think its great that you have almost a blank canvas, and could change the look often with cushions/pillows/throws.

Maybe some cushions with fabric cut out on them mirroring the shape on the Orla cover?xx

karlyn Jackson said...

you sure are your mother's daughter!

sophie said...

Beautiful! I am working on getting the husband to agree to a doona cover, so far his answer is that it's not necessary - boo! ou

Bungalowgirl said...

Love the doona and to me it is saying definitely either mustard or a burnt orange for companion cushions. No idea about fabric or pattern, I was only able to channel the colour for you. And the ironing, well lets just say you would probably faint at my place as I only iron my clothes to go to work. I did however sensibly buy a doona cover that would not benefit from ironing. melx

Catherine said...

I love your doona cover, the pattern and the colour great for men too:) If you're nutty I am too, I iron most things too. Isn't you're Mum lovely helping out.

teresa said...

I love your doonah cover and that your mum ironed it for you. I've just found another reason why I'm going to stick to my quilts... they don't need ironing..he he!!! Sometimes I wish I had a blank canvas to work with, it seems over the years I have accumulated so much "stuff"... there is simply no room left for anything else!!! Love the suggestion of burnt orange to this colour scheme btw xx

Yvette Adams said...

It's OK to iron the doona cover. But stop ironing all that other useless stuff!!

Envious that you have a husband who lets you decorate lol. I think it just needs a few shots of primary colours in there.

Vic said...

Someone else playing today has the Orla linen in super colourful pillow cases; you need some of those! (Not that it's not beautiful on it's own!)

I don't iron anything, ever. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can't... so it probably goes without saying that ironing a doona cover would be well beyond my realm of capabilities... I am impressed!

Sally said...

Loving your doona. Your room 'feels' peaceful ... and thats the way a bedroom should be.